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  • M1 LED curtain project in Shanghai Shanghai Shopping Mall, 1500sqm, Customized M1 P40mm and P80mm full flexible LED pixel mesh, fully cover the corners of the building, make the wall as a commercial advertising LED display well as a dy

  • M6 LED mesh screen project in Spain Transparent LED mesh display screen,Kursaal in Spain Torchvisual flexible mesh screen applied in Kursaal Donostia. We customized long LED strips round the building facade, installed from inside, do not af

  • M6 large-scale stage backdrop Flexible LED media facade display curtain for Mayday Life Tour in Sigapore, Torchvisual soft LED facada screen applied for stage background on Mayday life tour concert, 1000sqm background stage screen




TORCH Visual is a research and development, production and sales of flexible soft LED display, LED floor screen, creative led screen,LED point light source, led mesh,led curtain screen,custom led pixel mesh screen,LED spherical display and LED landscape design of high-end enterprises .+MORE

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