Flexible Design

M8 LED media facade  is a type of flexible LED screen, with Ultra flexible design make it can be curved freely to achieve creative shapes like arch, circle, wave, customized size available.

LED media facade 

High  Transparency

M8 LED media curtain screen with 70% transparency rate, easy for stage light、 fog、 lasers go through the screen to create superb visual effect. 

led pixel 

Fast  Locks

Fast inter-panel locks make it quick and easy to set up and dismantle large-scaled screen, no tools required.

led pixel media facade 

Quick Installation

Torchvisual LED mesh curtain screen with Quick hanging up by using the following two pieces of connector. 

flexible led media 


M8 LED media screen , their LED strips can be taken out to satisfy various creative ideas.

transparent led media 

Waterproof  Connectors
Head and tail of the panel, with waterproof connectors.

led media 

▇ Aging test of LED media fcade/ flexible led media M8. 

flexible led media

led video curtain

▇ Project of LED media fcade M8. 

led media facade project

▇ LED media facade M8 project, 130SQM 

led media facade , led curtain wall project, Torchvisual


LED media facade - M8 Specifications
    Model Name
    Pixel Pitch
    37.5mm / 56.25mm / 75mm (pixel pitch can be customized)
    Pixel Configuration
    Panel Size
    0.3m x 4.8m / 0.45m x 7.2m / 0.6m x 9.6m  (Size can be customized)
    0.98' x  15.75' / 1.48' x 23.62' / 1.97' x 31.50'
    9600nits/ 4500nits /3600nits  (Nationstar SMD3535)
    Transparency Rate
    55% / 75% / 85%
    10.5 kg/sqm;  5.5 kg/sqm; 3.5 kg/sqm
    23.1 lbs/sqm; 12.1 lbs/sqm; 7.7 lbs/sqm 
    IP Rating(Front/Rear)
    Refresh Rate
    1000 - 3000 Hz
    Scan Mode
    Max Power Consumption
    800 W/sqm; 500 W/sqm ; 350 W/sqm
    Color Processing
    16 bit
    Viewing Angle(H/V)
    Operating Temperature
    Main Power Source
    AC 100-240V; 50/60Hz
    Input Voltage
    15V DC 
    Life Time
    100,000 Hours


▇ Video Controller
led video controller

▇ Slave Controller

▇ Cabling

▇ Hanging Beam 

led curtain installation

▇ Flightcase
led pixel screen package 

▇  Wiring Diagram
led pixel screen diagram


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