Led mesh screen installated on the door of 4S media facade

date :2019-04-30

  Led mesh screen installated on the door of 4S media facade
  In an era of uppermost consumption upgrading, in order to further stimulate car owners' consumption, the store management was not only confined to the past tradition of old-fashioned, facade, the decoration upgrade of the storefront can better attract consumers. And in the automotive industry today, in order to "stand out" in the major stores, the installation of advertising video with strong publicity effect of the LED mesh screen source is the essential key!
  Solution as following:
  Installation requirement
  1, Long-term play, product performance needs to be reliable and stable.
  2, It’s doesn’t not affect the original design and decoration of the storefront.
  3, Enough brightness use for daytime.
  4, High permeability of products doesn’t affect lighting inside storefront.


  The value of the LED mesh screen
  1, More than 80% penetration, the wind can easily pass through and doesn’t affect indoor light.
  2, Quick and simple installation, no need for complicated steel structure.
  3, 1000-5000nits, meet different project requirement.
  4, Adopt brand high quality gold wire lamp to ensure the stability and reliability of product performance.

  Value benefit of LED mesh screen to 4S Store
  1, The facade has become a fixed advertising space, and the publicity efforts have been strengthened to improve the popularity of stores.
  2, Vivid advertising shows directly facing consumers, attracting eyeballs and stimulating buying desire.
  3, The screen of LED point light source is simple and beautiful, and the high-end atmosphere promotes the whole grade of the store.

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