The most cost-effective media facade solution

date :2019-04-30

 With the improvement of consumption level and diversification of life style, the application of LED point light source is becoming more and more extensive. a lot of KTV exterior walls, bar lights, large building exterior walls, building advertising spaces, and so on, both use the LED point light source to make screens for advertising or ad renting, and the cost is much lower than the LED display, so it is favored by more and more consumers,but which screen application is suitable for which LED pixel to do? many consumers, including engineers, sometimes don't understand, TorchVisual here to share our experience.
  16mm diameter, M1 series led pixel mesh screen, suitable for indoor, night, stage rental, creative modeling use, its characteristics.
  1, Pitch can be customized to project requirements, providing a complete solution.
  2, The mesh weight of the screen is light, and can do creative modeling by bending at will.
  3, Mature process, stable performance, cost effective.
  However, the application field has limitations, low brightness is not suitable for the day, many large or high-end advertising screen display is not recommended
  27.5mm diameter, M3/M4/M6/M8 series point light source, good waterproof, high brightness, day and night can be used.
  1, Customized big pitch is suitable for outdoor building brightening, low cost and high cost effective.
  2, Supports breakpoint resume, only single pixel of failure is maintained.
  3, Quick installation, disassembly, no need for complex steel structures.
  4, Suitable for large media facade, stage background, advertising media, etc.
  Higher price than M1 Series led mesh screen
  Can be customized according to specific project details, two-year warranty, and according to project needs to provide technical support.


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